Retrieve an intern in 3 steps

Step 1: Describe your ideal intern

This will be the first contact with IAESTE. We will discuss what we need from each other and requirements of the interns are specified.  Since IAESTE is a network of tens of thousands of active students, potential trainees can conform to a wide set of demands. Specific study backgrounds, language requirements, variable durations of availability and levels of backgrounds knowledge will be no issue at all. You can even ask for trainees that keep an open mind to employment in your company after their internship has ended.

Step 2: Accept your intern

After sharing your internship offer with the rest of the world we will receive profiles of students that are interested in filling the position. After a check by our local volunteers the appropriate students will be presented to you. At that point in time, you have the opportunity to select a student out of the given profiles, or to ask us to keep looking around some more. When the selected student has confirmed their availability with the employer, we will ask your company for a donation.

Step 3: Intern arrives!

When an internship agreement has been signed by the employer and the intern, IAESTE can begin their reception work. Volunteers look for appropriate housing, and our local groups communicate with the trainee about a potential visa. When the student arrives in the Nether-lands, volunteers will wait at the airport to give him a warm welcome and to accompany him to their accommodation for the first time. During the internship, the trainee will be invited to social events that will keep them motivated, and get to know our country.

Cost: Donation System

While we are a non-profit organization run by volunteers, we still do require funds to keep the organization running. It is common practice by us to request a donation, when an intern is successfully placed within a company. The size of such a donation depends on your satisfaction. Commonly we ask for donations of 400 euros, to cover our expenses. You can always contact us for our donations This donation is based on our separate products. 

Access to engineers around the world

IAESTE provides and facilitates trainees from abroad to work for your company. Since 1948, over 300.000 trainees from all around the world have found an internship placement abroad, and in 2018 alone more than 2.500 employers and institutions worldwide enriched their work environment with the fresh new mindset of an international intern.

By joining the IAESTE network you get access to more than 300 technical universities spread out over 86 countries. Throughout the year universities, governments, NGO’s, and student volunteers work together to provide our employers with the best experiences possible.

Aside from connecting companies with international students which are studying abroad we also want to be the connecting link to international students in the Netherlands. To do this we are organizing local events in which these two parties can meet. Next to that we have a user base of students in the Netherlands that have an interest in career opportunities.

A wide variety of technical studies

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