Lion's Lair Eindhoven

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Coming in March 2020!

More and more students are enrolling into Dutch universities, coming from both the Netherlands and abroad, with the total number of students growing every year. This crowd will be the future experts and professionals that will be pushing the technology forwards. They are highly motivated, professional, and have interesting insights that can benefit Dutch businesses.

But there is a problem: engineering education does not focus on soft skills too much, and student looking for jobs can undersell themselves. It is also hard to understand if a company is open to work with an international student in the first place!

Our solution? Lion’s Lair! The hit career event from Delft is coming to Eindhoven! Its focus is matching international students with Dutch companies. As a student, you will get access to companies looking to hire a young professional, get useful soft skills and put them to the test by pitching to company representatives!

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