Applying for Internship

Our internship procedure exists out of two phases: application and nomination. You can only apply at IAESTE in the country you are registered at the university.

You can find the internship offers on This is updated continuously.
If you see an internship offer that interests you , you send your CV, a motivation letter and the internship number to
Other ways of application are disregard. So requesting an internship based on your study field won’t result in any reply .
You have been found suitable for the internship by IAESTE. Now it is time for the employer to review it, which requires the following steps.
1. Log in on
2. Go to the internship attached to your account
3. Fill in all the mandatory fields
4. Upload your nomination package, which is a PDF of documents in the following order:
   – Internship offer (download on
   – Nomination form (link)
   – Motivation letter
   – CV
   – Transcript of Records (grade list)
   – Scan of Passport
   – Separate passport photo
   – Country specific documents (link)
(Please don’t send this to us via email due to GDPR compliance and your own personal data safety)
5. We check the documents and send it out.
6. Wait. Most often for around 2 weeks.


Extra Services
In most cases IAESTE in the country the internship will take place will arrange accommodation for you. If a visa is required, they also support you in the application procedure.
At location you can expect support from IAESTE with understanding the country and the culture through informational and cultural meetings.
IAESTE doesn’t offer any grants.
General Information
  • Any questions can be directed to
  • Our services are free.
  • We are run by volunteers.
  • You cannot do internships with IAESTE in the country you are studying in.
  • Some internships can be done after graduation. Check here for which countries that applies.
Do we sent out the VISA application?
We do not send out the complete application. The application has to be sent by either the company, or the intern self. However, we do guide the company and intern through the whole process. This process of guiding is extremely valuable for companies ,semi-governmental organisations ask a lot of money for training (see link)
We arrange Visa for people coming to the Netherlands. For a Visa to another country you have to address the specific IAESTE in that country