Board positions

We are looking for new board members!

Open positions


The President leads IAESTE Netherlands and is in charge of organizing and overseeing the activities of the association. They are also representing the country on an international level at the various conferences, including the Annual Conference, the biggest IAESTE event of the year! Being the President, you will get the chance to travel and to get useful management experience!


The Secretary is supporting IAESTE Netherlands in its daily activities and keeps track of the budgets of the association. They also participate and help organize various activities of the association, such as twinnings and networking events. Being a Secretary, you will get a lot of social contact and event organizing experience!

Acqusition Coordinator

The Acquisition Coordinator is in charge of establishing and maintaining contact with companies that offer their internships through the IAESTE network in The Netherlands. They are often networking and looking out for new companies to add to our portfolio. Being an Acquisition Coordinator, you will also build your professional network!

Or do you want to simply become acquainted with the association before making a decision? Then become a Committee Member!