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10-12 weeks

861 EUR/month

At the TH Brandenburg, a FEM-code has been developed to model tires in order to carry out FE analysis in statics and dynamics. In the offered project, an interface between the code developed at THB and Code Aster should be developed and comparisons between both codes should be carried out.
Our guest will be integrated in our work group with the ability to participate in the field of FEM theory and programming as well as in practical parts
concerning tire measurements in our tire properties lab.


12-24 weeks

15000 INR/month

The work is based on the design and analysis of Nanocomposite material for armour application using modelling software like CREO and Finite element
analysis software ANSYS. A comparative study will be carried out to characterize developed material with existing material.


  1. To review the recent development in the field of knee replacement materials.
  2. To investigate the characteristics and properties of some currently used knee replacement material.
  3. To simulate mechanical and wear behavior of knee replacement material using ANSYS software.

This internship can be done on-site or remotely.


6-16 weeks

400 TND/month

NIDOR AGENCEMENT is a company specialized in store and commercial space fitting, shelving for supermarkets, industrial and warehouse storage
systems. It produces store fittings standardized or customized solutions on request. It has extensive experience as a specialist in interior design,
manufacturing, finishing and installation of furniture in DIY stores, hypermarkets, warehouses and pharmacies.

The trainee will be asked to participate in the daily work of the company: layout, design, etc. They will be assigned to accompany the project managers for these different missions: make a sketch by creating a rapidly executed freehand drawing prototype that is not intended to be a finished work but a tool that allows designers to quickly visualize multiple design concepts, accurate project costing by estimating the costs before it starts up, prepare the execution files, sites and production follow up.